Reduce conflict and propel success with

Behavior Intelligence for Partnerships (12 weeks).

We know first hand that not all partnership(s) mean harmony.
Behavior Intelligence helps put the synergy back.

Get everyone moving in the same direction.
Rebuild the vision and passion that starts most partnerships.

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Family Run Enterprises

Nagui Bihelek

 12 Weekly sessions

In person virtual

1:1 and Group coaching

In this 12-week Partnership coaching program, we unlock the behavior patterns that cause stress and anxiety with your business partner(s). Often, the informality that develop when partners have been together for a long time, or the lack of when starting out and forming that relationship, don’t easily transfer to an accountability-based business environment. The spark which started the partnership gets lost in the differences and misunderstandings or miscommunications.  

In this program, we align you and your partner(s) through understanding the importance of behavior intelligence. Scientific research allows us to understand how our brains process information and separate behaviors from intentions. Intentions are thoughts that lead us to acting out a behavior and behaviors are learned. 

We’re able to make a significant shift in team dynamics with this 12-week Partnership group coaching program.

In this program, we offer: 

  • AccuMatch Behavior Map for each team member

    This proprietary behavior mapping assessment is unique to It was founded on the understanding of psychology, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, verbal, and social behaviors.
  • Peer feedback

    Denial is a fundamental blind spot, and exposing our behaviors requires feedback from those that see these and are affected by them. It’s impossible to know the impact of our behaviors when we are in the moment. 
  • 6 x 1:1 sessions with each member (2 per month)

    Before we move to a group setting, the coach facilitating this program, and you as an individual need to get clarity on the contextual progression that’s led to the current you and the dynamics with other family or team members.
  • 3 Monthly Team sessions

    The group sessions allow the coach to discuss the impact of observable behaviors, review the AccuMatch maps for each team member, discuss a behavioral plan and “The 7th Intelligence”. We will review the three neural programs of all human beings, C2 x E2, peer accountability, build a transformation checklist and a maintenance strategy. 

Key benefits:

  • Reduce stress, conflict, and anxiety in communication

    When people don’t understand the impact of their behaviors, they operate through their intentions, and believe that they are doing the right thing by everyone, when in fact they have not fully considered how their behaviors affect others.
  • Work harmoniously

    Getting to the core of how people receive information through their filters and biases allows the team to reduce their triggers and judgments. This starts the journey to understanding and working together.
  • Align family and team members

    There are many aspects to individuality. If everyone was like us, we would not be unique.  Aligning is based on understanding the importance of being curious towards each other.
  • Understand the importance of BI for every situation

    Our scientific research and understanding of how our brains process information allows us to separate behaviors from intentions. Intentions are thoughts that lead us to acting out a behavior. However, behaviors are learned.


Nagui Bihelek

Since the mid 90's when my wife and I started our first business together. Multiple business ventures later and over 30 years together and we still love working together.

During the 10 years of running our coaching firm I've coached many family businesses. Father and son ventures. Generational businesses passed down from parent to quarrelling siblings. Husband and wife businesses. Partnerships from 2 person to board of 10 executives.

It is this journey that has given way to the development of this program and more importantly the understanding of behaviors, biases, filters and judgements which get in the way.