How To Build A Successful Coaching Practice  The Right Way.

Stop bleeding money on ads.

Don't pay for any more Leads until

you've done this course.

Guarantee your success as a coach. 


This is NOT another course about how to make more money.

It's real practical building your coaching business as a sustainable practice.

You've done lots of coach training, but none of these showed you how to build your coaching practice.

It's Time to Change that.

Starting your coaching practice was easy.

Building a sustainable practice is a different story.

I've seen the frustrations that coaches go through when they are starting out. The knock backs and the challenges they face in getting clients.

It wastes time and energy, and often demotivates. You try hard to help people, but it feels like you have to drag them to help themselves.

You spend time pondering - "Why don't they sign up for coaching with me?" You keep buying courses and tools to improve yourself, but that doesn't seem to change the reality - No Clients = No Coaching. 

You've tried many things, but nothing seems to change this reality. Every day that goes by is costing you money. Each day without revenue is a negative income day.

You are constantly targeted by people who want to sell you more leads. I hate to say it, but they get paid whether you sign up clients or not.

You keep paying out money and it's taking too long.

  • How long can you keep this up?
  • Can you afford to go a year like that?

Will you be another one of those coaches that gives up on their coaching career because you can no longer afford to not make enough money to pay the bills?

It's not about more leads.

It's about your conversion.

Your Coaching Journey

You started coaching because you believed in your ability to help people. Whether it's business owners or executives you know how to call them out on their B.S. You know how to push them to do their best. You know how to be the coach!

You've done the training and you got your certification. You are able to ask powerful questions to help them breakthrough their barriers and limiting beliefs. You know you are going to be an awesome coach.

All you need now is enough paying clients so you can stop doubting yourself. Enough paying clients that get amazing break throughs and tell others about how awesome a coach they have by working with you.

So what's in the the way? Is it YOU?

The Problem

No one taught you how to get clients. They just told you that you had to go and get them.

They made it sound easy and as it turns out - IT'S NOT BEEN EASY. 

Many coaches fail to do this well, and end up giving up on their dream.

The Solution

There are two simple facts to building a successful and sustainable coaching practice:

Getting Clients and Keeping Clients.

Once you figure out how to do these two things well, then you will have a successful sustainable coaching practice that can withstand anything.

During COVID we've had coaches that are unphased by the economic impact. They retained all their clients and even grew their coaching practice. Over the years I've started many businesses during recessions, including my coaching firm which I ran for 10 years. The economy is not the reason coaches fail, it's just an excuse.

The secrets that I will share with you are going to stay with you forever. The confidence through the techniques and skills I teach during this course will revolutionize your thinking. When you do the activity we cover in this course YOU will be Transformed into a coaching ninja. You will breakthrough the limiting beliefs that many coaches have about who they can coach and who they cannot. These are just more excuses.

You will know how to sign up clients and you will know how to get break through for them.


The CoachSuccessBI course.

Build a coaching practice based on Behavior intelligence.

You get my new book, just released online, PLUS we'll go through every section of the book during the 3 months course. 12 weekly sessions of 90 minutes each recorded for you to review over and over again. Every section of the book is covered in detail during the course with examples and first hand stories from real coaches who have been there themselves. Additional checklists and workbook so you can complete all the sections covered in the book in your own coaching practice.

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Skip the trial and tribulations. Learn from other people's mistakes.

By following these easy steps and proprietary strategies you can achieve what many others that I have trained have accomplished. Learn the importance of my coaching philosophies: F.E.A.S.T. and Q.B.C..
Understand the importance of Curious Questioning and so much more.

You Are The Key

You don't need to be like everyone else. You are unique.

Identifying your uniqueness is not about the coaching or the tools you use. It's about who you are when you show up to each meeting and each coaching session.

Don't listen to what people say you should do, and who you should be. Know yourself so that prospective clients are in awe when they meet you.

BI Foundation 

Business Intelligence is the foundation to all businesses. Not just your prospective clients' businesses, it's for your business too. How many clients will want to be coached by you when you have a successful coaching practice? Will it be more than if you have a struggling practice?

  • Of course it will.
Laser Focus

With so many coaches out there, how do you laser focus your key differentiation? How do you stand out from the noise? Are you unique or are you just like everyone else?

So many coaches struggle with their identify and lose the ability to laser focus on their ideal target market.

Does this sound familiar? Do you know your true Identity? Is it something you put-on? True to your core?


When you are marketing you are not coaching.

When you are coaching you are not marketing.

This delicate balance between building and operating the business can cause lots of ups and downs which can be stressful.

Accessing the right tools and systems makes it easier to balance these two conflicting resources, and more...

About your Instructor

Nagui Bihelek

Nagui has started and successfully built several businesses throughout his career. He knows first hand that having a technical and consulting background can often be the achilles heel for coaches starting out. You want to coach but you hate the business development. He has learned that it is not about selling. It is all about helping and caring.

Nagui is the founder of AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence coaching, an internationally recognized coaching method.

Who is this for?

Before you decide to enroll for this course.


This is NOT a how to coach certification program.

We're not going to pretty up your office wall with another certificate. This is what you should be doing if you want to build a successful sustainable coaching practice. It is founded on my proprietary Behavior Intelligence Coaching.


It's nOT a get rich quick course.

Despite everyone's best intentions, which I am sure many of those programs start out with great intentions, there are very few opportunities that are designed to deliberately achieve that. There are many that accidentally achieve that, but they tend to be a one off success.


It's nOT one where you can sit back and watch.

This course and the book will guide you through what I have done in building many businesses throughout my career. You cannot sit back and hope it will happen for you. You need to make it happen. I'll give you the tools and know how, and I'll answer all your questions to help you implement it for yourself.


Don't wish it was easier, wish you were better.

That's right! Every time you fail. Every time you get knocked down and you get up again you learn a valuable lesson. Lessons are not learned from playing it safe. Lessons are not learned from doing what you have done before. They are learned by doing new things. By making mistakes and correcting those. You don't improve by doing what you've always done.

Over $1,500
in Value.

Build your successful coaching practice course

3 months weekly training and coaching sessions live with Nagui Bihelek



  • Lifetime Access
  • Sessions Start January
  • Get the book immediately
  • Free AccuMatchBI Assessment

$1,000 Bonus

a little bit more to help you on your journey.

You've heard me mention Behavior Intelligence at least once on this page.

You've also heard mention Business Intelligence.

Well guess what? They are both about YOU.

Yes YOU!

You are the common factor in your success or failure. When you understand what you do that helps you on your journey and what sabotages that, you will improve.

It is the Law of Self-Awareness.

What you Think results in what you Act out.

If you believe you will fail then you will. Just as if you believe you will succeed then you will.

 Any one taking this course gets an AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence assessment to map the behaviors that show up in your coaching and your business. The behaviors that stem from your values and beliefs.

Free AccuMatchBI Assessment

You'll receive a coupon so you can complete an AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence assessment survey. This helps you to identify your unconscious behavior patterns that show up at work. Exposing unconscious behaviors that either limit your success or improve your chances.

One-On-One Debriefing Session With Nagui.

Nagui will schedule a 90 minutes 101 session with you to unpack the mapped behaviors and help you understand how these are showing up in your everyday initiatives.

This is a $450 coaching session with a world leader and highly sought after Behavior Intelligence expert.

Third $1,000
Your Transformation Action Plan and Follow Ups

Once you have identified your limiting behaviors Nagui will help you map an action plan to transform and change these.

You'll need to continue new habits to empower and enrich your efforts and help you on your journey to success.

You get 2 follow up sessions.


What Coaches Are Saying ...

“Nagui helped me build my successful practice using the same techniques covered in the book. I highly recommend it.”

Richard Smithe

“The book and course are so easy to read and follow the concepts and methods presented thanks to the helpful diagrams and formulas.”

Julie Foucher

“It's exactly as claimed. No fuss. No frills. Just practical business building know how. I am so going to hit my targets.
Thank you.”

Tobias Hardy

Based on the book - this what others had to say.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the sessions recorded?

Yes. All the sessions are recorded and made available to you so you can watch and review the content as many times as you want.

What is the Unlimited Lifetime Access?

You have access to this course material and any updates i make to it forever. This is a limited time offer. You truly get Lifetime access.

What if I have questions? Can I contact Nagui directly?

A private group will be setup so you can ask questions and share with the group. This exchange of information is valuable to everyone on the program.

What does the AccuMatchBI assessment entail?

This is a proprietary assessment developed by Nagui to map our unconscious behavior patterns that show up in our habits or when we are triggered. it provides a unique self-awareness insight that has been proven to have an amazing transformational impact.

Over $1,500
in Value.

Build your successful coaching practice course

3 months weekly training and coaching sessions live with Nagui Bihelek



  • Lifetime Access
  • Sessions Start January
  • Get the book immediately
  • Free AccuMatchBI Assessment

A personal note from Nagui...

Well! What are you waiting for?

Every day that goes by without hitting your financial targets is costing you money. It not only eats away at your life savings, it eats away at your confidence and morale. Success is a huge motivator. It is an amazing enabler not just for yourself, but for everyone around you. Everyone you help. You owe it to yourself and you owe to them to succeed.

Let's do it together.

Nagui Bihelek

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