Unique Opportunity To Spark
Your Coaching Business
With AccuMatchBI

We kick off on Tuesday September 6th at 3:00PM EST.
Clear your schedule now.

Attract your first 3-5 clients without the fear of being "salesy".

Create life-long clients

Develop a message which clearly communicates your value.

Locate, qualify and convert

Know where to look and how to get clients interested in you.

Deliver with confidence

Build a business and delivery system that produces consistent results.

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Course content

A sample outline of what we'll cover.

Modules may cover multiple sessions.

Module 1


What makes this important is the number of areas where this is overlooked. Do you know how many conversions exist in your business? And do you track these so you can improve them?

Module 2

Get out of your way.

How do you quickly identify a person's neural programs in a short conversation? We'll dive into the “Who Am I” process, which builds your identity and confidence. Your observable behaviors.

Module 3

Build out your 7 steps.

To understand buyer behavior is not just about the steps, it's also about the psychological gestalt that occurs to transition people from unaware to buyer. You'll get to build this out for your business.

Module 4

Yours is a business too!

Imposter syndrome is often due to lack of preparation. Are you ready? Are your checklists and the steps to onboard new clients clearly defined? Are these aligned with your own AccuMatch map and checked against your clients'?

Module 5

Putting it all in place and getting clients.

How to leverage technology. From lead generation and CRM to delivering your coaching with the MyBICoach coaching app. Load up your program templates. Load your marketing templates. Execute and deliver consistency.

Module 6

Keeping clients is cheaper than getting new ones.

Getting and tracking results “A bird in the hand …”. Are you looking beyond the present? What's next for you and your clients?

Module 7

Proper communication and fears about frequency.

You'll learn why lead generation comes last. Use my formula (Brand + Message) x (Medium + Method) and the tracking spreadsheet. 

Module 8

Ongoing Mastermind group.

On-going community support and collaboration. Participate Peer-to-peer accountability. Learn, share and leverage other people's experiences. Fail forward.

Module 9

Differentiate with AccuMatch.

It's not the AccuMatch assessment alone that will differentiate you. It's the behavior intelligence and resultant transformation which will do that. Integrate the 5 assessments provided with this program into your business offering and pricing.

Module 10

Now for some leads.

We finish up by putting it all into practice. Follow the steps you have just built. Track the conversions. Tweak them and improve them till they become your proven method to consistent client acquisition. And if you're interested we'll have our marketing team provide you with some leads.

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Program Objectives

This program is only offered to AccuMatch certified coaches.

We are going to delve deeper into the neurology of a sales process
in order to increase engagement and conversion.

Build Productive Habits

Shift your thinking from the self to the observer. Learn to observe key behaviors that reveal unconscious habits.

Develop Focus & Mindset

Overcome the FEAR (False Expectations Appearing Real) of the unknown through structure and discipline.

Access Productivity Tools

Build a solid business with processes, systems and the right tools to deliver consistent results.

Join Our Mastermind group

Gain confidence by working in a community. Collaborate to overcome isolation and self-doubt.


Thousands of dollars in added value!

How many AccuMatch Assessment tokens are included?

You get the 5-Pack AccuMatch assessment non-expiring tokens included with this program. Standard price $485 free for 6 months plus access to the weekly MasterClasses for the same period. The educational value of the MasterClasses is all about the practice with AccuMatch to build your confidence.

How big is the group?

The group will be limited to a maximum of 8-10 people. We will work together throughout the program to support and assist each other in achieving our goals. It's all about collaboration and action. The peer-to-peer support is an integral part of the program.

What else is included?

Your instructor is committed to your success. Any tools that the organization has access to are included. The MyBICoach app will be leveraged throughout the program to provide you with the templates you need to execute.

What's this Mastermind group about?

Education is only one part of the journey to success. This program adds to your AccuMatch and Behavior Intelligence training in order to build a successful coaching practice, which also covers the business foundation and mindset. We do all this and more in the Mastermind group. Doing it alone has a 50/50 chance of success. Learning from other people's mistakes and successes improves your chances substantially.

Sounds too good to be true. What's the catch?

Glad you asked. At the moment this is a prototype pilot program. Our goal is to ensure success for everyone as well as to learn what works best to obtain desirable results. Since you will be the first cohort to go through the current version, we are offering a deeply discounted price as an incentive.

Bonus! My eBook.

At the start of Covid-19 I was inspired to write a book on this topic for the new coaches. This short book has become a go-to guide for many coaches.

How much time will I need?

The time you are already spending building your practice will be halved by following this proprietary method.  The question you should be asking yourself is, "Can I afford not to do this?"

This program will save you time and money.