AccuMatch Behavior Intelligence

Individual 1:1 Sessions (6 weeks)

Selecting the right people is the first step.
Learning how to engage them in order to inspire and motivate them is the 2nd.

Self-awareness is the key to awareness of others.

Family Run Enterprises

Nagui Bihelek

 6 Weekly sessions

Family up to 6

1:1 and Group coaching

In this six-week program, we work in small groups to help you unlock the behavior patterns that cause stress and anxiety at work or at home especially in small to medium-sized businesses. When the leaders, managers, team members and customers are in harmony, business is a lot less costly, more enjoyable and more profitable.

In this program, we dive into the foundation of Behavior Intelligence in order to understand one-self and how we are triggered to respond to others at work or at home, in any situation. Scientific research allows us to understand how our brains process information and separate behaviors from intentions. Intentions are thoughts that lead us to acting out a behavior and behaviors are learned. 

We’re able to make a significant shift in team dynamics with our six-week Leadership Behavior Intelligence group coaching program.

In this program, we offer: 

  • AccuMatch Behavior Map for each team member

    This proprietary behavior mapping assessment is unique to It was founded on the understanding of psychology, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, verbal, and social behaviors.
  • 360 feedback

    Denial is a fundamental blind spot, and exposing our behaviors requires feedback from those that see these and are affected by them. It’s impossible to know the impact of our behaviors when we are in the moment. 
  • 1:1 session with each member

    Before we move to a group setting, the coach facilitating this program, and you as an individual need to get clarity on the contextual progression that’s led to the current you and the dynamics with other family or team members.
  • 6 Group sessions (group size max 15)

    The group sessions allow the coach to discuss the impact of observable behaviors, review the AccuMatch maps for each team member, discuss a behavioral plan and “The 7th Intelligence”. We will review the three neural programs of all human beings, C2 x E2, peer accountability, build a transformation checklist and a maintenance strategy. 

Key benefits:

  • Reduce stress, conflict, and anxiety in communication

    When people don’t understand the impact of their behaviors, they operate through their intentions, and believe that they are doing the right thing by everyone, when in fact they have not fully considered how their behaviors affect others.
  • Work harmoniously

    Getting to the core of how people receive information through their filters and biases allows the team to reduce their triggers and judgments. This starts the journey to understanding and working together.
  • Align family and team members

    There are many aspects to individuality. If everyone was like us, we would not be unique.  Aligning is based on understanding the importance of being curious towards each other.
  • Understand the importance of BI for every situation

    Our scientific research and understanding of how our brains process information allows us to separate behaviors from intentions. Intentions are thoughts that lead us to acting out a behavior. However, behaviors are learned.


Nagui Bihelek

I started my first business in the late 80's consulting to major corporation on business reengineering methodologies, mergers and major programs.

My first import and distribution business in the mid 90's captured 40% market share in under 3 years while taking on some of the big players in the that industry.

Today, my over 40 years experience includes multiple business ventures and startups, experience in multiple industries and extensive range of disciplines.

During the 10 years of building a successful coaching firm I've trained many coaches and business owners.

I continue to innovate and develop leading methodologies that have now been implemented in many corner of the world.

I take every engagement extremely seriously as if I am an invested partner in your business and your success.