About Us

Our founder, Nagui Bihelek has combined years of studies in Cognitive Behavior Psychology, neural sciences and business leadership to create behaviointelligence.io

Our mission is to empower leaders and coaches by allowing them to achieve a new level of success with a consistent, repeatable methodology.

The method is backed by empirical evidence that as humans, we are in fact able to change our behaviours. Behavior Intelligence is not only about what we observe in others, it is also what differentiates actions from non-action, getting the desired results from undesired ones.

EQ + CI = BI

Behavior Intelligence (BI) is the sum of Emotional Quotient (EQ) plus your Conversational Intelligence (CI).


Behavior Intelligence

The ability to accurately explain, predict and influence behaviors.


Emotional Quotient 

The ability to accurately perceive, understand and handle emotions.


Conversational intelligence

The ability to accurately understand the power of language to navigate with others successfully.

Our Values:

  • Healthy engagement
    Passively agreeing doesn’t challenge us to grow. Everyone has an opinion although not all the time having all the answers. It’s through discussion and engagement that we get to explore the different points of view in order to raise the bar. When we have healthy engagement we raise the bar to the highest level and often a bit more, rather than lowering the standard to the lowest level. 
  • Respect
    No matter color or race, each and every human being on the planet when they get a paper cut bleeds the same. Everyone from a janitor to a senior executive of a multi-billion dollar organization is important and plays a valuable role in society. We are all human beings and should always be treated as equals. Treat each other with the respect you wish for yourself. 
  • Ownership
    We thrive to be responsible owners of our own actions. Each and every behavior, even a non-action is a behavior which has consequences. Some are good and some not so good. No sense hiding from the realities of both. Taking ownership of both and admitting when we are wrong is just as important as accepting when we are right. Personal and team growth only happens from failures, not successes. Failure show us what we did wrong so we can try another way. Successes just reinforce what we already know, and do not stretch us. 
  • Integrity
    Before we can be acknowledged as someone with integrity we need to believe in ourselves. To stand up for others as well as for ourselves. To give credit to others where credit is due. To humbly accept it when it is deserved. Speak what you mean, and mean what you say. Do what you promise, and always over deliver. 
  • Honesty
    Honesty comes from within, just as dishonesty. Whether deliberate or in self-defence, it is still the same. It show in our body language and in our voice. It undermines our focus and attention. Rather than focusing on what is happening a dishonest person is thinking about what they have said or done, and how they will ensure to keep up the façade. It wastes so much energy for the person and others. Almost always ending up with someone getting hurt. It is a weakness not a strength. Manipulation for good has a fine line which if one is not careful maybe easily crossed. 
  • Accountability
    Results in life and business materialize only when we hold ourselves and others accountable. While sometimes it may feel uncomfortable to keep others accountable, if it is for the greater good then it is worth the pain. Individuals at home or in business would rather strive than to stay the same, or to keep a status-quo. We are evolving and growing each day. The rate of personal growth is directly proportional to the level of accountability we apply on ourselves and on others.
  • Trust
    If honesty comes from within, then trust is what we give others. When we give trust we elevate any relationship instantly. As apposed to when we distrust, it quickly undermines the relationship. 
  • Collaboration
    When we collaborate we are recognizing the importance that one plus one can achieve much more than anyone alone. At the same time squashing any instance where collusion may live, because it is a negative retraction which reduces the potential success of any venture and leads to its demise quickly. 
  • Focus
    Clarity despite the noise. There are so many opportunities for us all and these can quickly distract a person and cause a lack of clarity that leads to a lack of completion. Since completion is the minds greatest reward to itself, the lack of completion has the opposite effect. 
  • Abundance
    So what if someone benefits from your ideas. Believe in yourself and in the fact that there is plenty for everyone. No two ideas, unless they exist in the same brain, could ever evolve to be the same. The brain is so unique that even identical twins evolve to become different. Everyone can succeed as long as we stop worrying about others stealing our ideas. Think of it as a form of flattery.

Our Team

Nagui Bihelek

Research scientist, Founder and CEO

As a business entrepreneur, consultant, innovator and coach Nagui has led the development of a number of world 1st technology solutions.

As a Master Coach, Trainer, Coaching Firm founder and owner he has been at the forefront of Business Coaching and the development of BehaviorIntelligence.io the premier coaching platform for leaders and coaches.

His engineering foundation allowed him to complete the research and development of the first Neural-Mapping Assessment to expose our unconscious behaviors so we can quickly navigate and transform our limiting beliefs and blind spots.

Sandra Bihelek

Master coach trainer, Linguist, Partner

An expert linguist working together to forge the innovation and implementation of both AccuMatch and the Behavior Intelligence system. 

As well as being a Master Coach Trainer and co-founder of Business Edge Coaching Inc, a highly successful coaching firm in Calgary, Alberta - Canada.

She has always been at the forefront of the development of BehaviorIntelligence.io the premier coaching platform for leaders and coaches.